Wellard Dental Therapy

The School Dental Services is a public health program which provides free general dental care to students who attend a Western Australian Department of Education recognised school aged 5 to 16 years or until the end of year 11. 

The service is provided by dental therapists and dentists who are registered with the Dental Board of Australia. These is a strong emphasis on prevention, oral health education and early intervention. 

  • You are welcome to visit the Dental Therapy Centre to discuss your child’s dental care. 
  • To enrol your child in the School Dental Service, please complete the forms sent home with your child in Pre-Primary. 
  • Enrolling your child in the School Dental Services grants us permission to perform an oral examination or ‘dental check-up’ on your child. These check-ups occur periodically. 
  • If we determine further dental care is required, we will seek additional consent from you. There is no cost for general dental care. 
  • Specialist and general anaesthetic services are not available, however you will be informed if such treatment is necessary and referral issued. Parents/carers are responsible for the cost of these services. 

It is your responsibility to transport your child to appointments at the Dental Therapy Centre. 

Wellard Dental Therapy Centre | Dental Health Services North 

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T: (08) 9553 0610 
E: wellarddtc@dental.health.wa.gov.au 
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Our Vision: Excellence in health care for our community.