Voluntary Contributions


Charges refers to the anticipated cost of extra activities throughout the school year such as school camps, excursions or swimming lessons. Participation in extra activities that incur a charge is optional. Parents are required to pay for the activity before the deadline or enter into a payment plan in order for their child to participate. These activities are incorporated into the school’s educational program and it is highly recommended students participate. Each year the school provides a list of approximate costs parents may expect to pay in additional charges for the following school year. The items listed on the following page are an indication of approximate costs parents may expect to pay in 2020. Your child may choose to become involved in additional activities throughout the year. These additional costs will be negotiated with parents if and when required.

NOTE: The level of Charges and Voluntary Contributions has been approved by the School board as required by the Education Act 1999.

Voluntary Contributions

To assist with the running of programs in this school and to supplement the grant provided by the Department of Education, parents are asked to support the school by paying a voluntary contribution of $60.00 per student. Contributions collected at Bertram Primary School are used to purchase reading and library materials, curriculum resources, ICT and a variety of services and facilities which support our educational programs. Contribution amounts are set and ratified by the School Board each year. Voluntary Contributions are payable at the front office or online via the school website. A payment plan may be organised by contacting Manager Corporate Services, Liz O’Born. The school has EFTPOS facilities. Although voluntary, these payments are greatly valued by the school and we appreciate payment at the beginning of the year where possible.

Building and Library Funds

These funds are deductible accounts set up to support the raising of funds for the school. Anyone may donate to these funds, stipulating Library or Building as their preferred fund of choice. All donations are tax deductible and you will receive a receipt articulating your contribution.

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