University Partnerships

Bertram Primary School is proud to be aligned with Murdoch University as a Tier 1 Partnership School. Placements from Murdoch are prioritised and pre-service and mentor teachers are supported by the Murdoch placements team, including a designated External Moderator who covers all placements. Students and teachers benefits from the added expertise of pre-service teachers in the classroom, bringing fresh eyes and current research into our school. Murdoch University staff are heavily involved in the program at our school, coming out for site visits and attending training to ensure they are on board with our school approaches. We are also proud to be one of few Intern Schools, hosting final year pre service for a 12-month placement in order to better prepare them for their career in teaching. Mentors submit EOIs to host Interns and are selected based on leadership qualities and mentoring skills. 

While we prioritise placements with Murdoch University, we also host students from Notre Dame, ECU and UWA at various times throughout the year. All placements are arranged in conjunction with the university placement teams, and are not organised directly with pre-service teachers.