The Arts

At Bertram Primary School, each year students complete a semester of Visual Arts and a semester of Performing Arts.  The Early Years (P-2) focus on Music for Performing Art while the middle and upper years (Yr 3-6) focus on Drama.

In Visual Art we focus on line types, shapes, texture and positioning while utilising a variety of art mediums including pencil, crayon, paint, dye and digital applications.  Students learn how to respond to art through being immersed in a range of art styles through viewing, discussing and recreating artwork.   

In Music, student investigate the elements of music including rhythm, tempo, pitch, dynamics, form and timbre. Using the Bertram Design Process to integrate STEM and The Arts, students create their own musical instruments. 

The Upper Years explore the elements of drama through creation and performance of their own narratives. They harness a range of tools to create their narratives including green screens, cameras and the iPad. 

The highlight of our year is our Art Gallery.  All phases of learning contribute artwork they have created in response to a given theme.   Loved ones have the opportunity to explore the artwork when they attend Open Night in Term 3.   


At Bertram Primary School, students have the opportunity to hone in on their musical skills by participating in either Middle Choir (Years 3 & 4) or Senior Choir (Years 5 & 6).  

Middle Choir students meet fortnightly to explore the basic concepts of choir and performance. Students are exposed to the fundamentals of music such as rhythm, pitch, and structure. They practice a variety of songs in order to perform at assemblies and within the local community. 

Senior Choir students meet twice a week to practice a repertoire of songs they perform within the school and the community, and at larger events such as West Australian Government Schools Make Music (WAGSMS) & other school choir festivals around Perth. 

Students in Bertram Primary School’s choir program develop their skills and discipline and a passion for performance.