Cultural Responsiveness

Students and their families at Bertram Primary School enrich our school with their cultures and backgrounds. The school environment represents and respects all students, communicating clear high expectations for everyone.Teaching is differentiated to connect each learner and the content of the curriculum in meaningful, respectful and effective ways.  

Cultural Club and special events including Harmony Day, Indonesian Independence Day and NAIDOC Week provide opportunities for students to develop a greater awareness and understanding of the cultures that make our school a culturally diverse learning environment.  

Aboriginal students are engaged in learning that builds on their strengths and enables them to thrive academically and socially at Bertram Primary School. We have built a learning environment that fosters a collaborative approach to support student learning.  

The Aboriginal Cultural Standards Framework supports all Department of Education staff to reflect on their approaches to the education of Aboriginal students.  

Reflection on individual and whole-school progress against the Aboriginal Cultural Standards Framework enables us to identify focus areas and develop strategies to move towards becoming culturally responsive