Curriculum Overview

With a focus on addressing the needs of each child and a whole school improvement process to support ongoing staff development, Bertram Primary School has a collaborative approach to planning, learning and assessing. The school is responsive to the needs of students and the community in our implementation of the Western Australian Curriculum. 

Bertram Primary School utilises a strategic self-assessment and planning cycle to provide highly relevant and engaging opportunities for our students. We have created a learning environment that promotes resilience, optimism, confidence and self-efficacy.  

Our school fosters students and staff to become lifelong learners who aspire to achieve excellence through the high expectations we set for ourselves and others. 

The School Curriculum and Standards Authority (SCSA) is responsible for the Kindergarten to Year 12 curriculum, assessment, standards and reporting for all Western Australian Schools. The SCSA website provides parents and the community information about:

  • What children should learn
  • How they are assessed
  • The standards children are expected to reach at each year level 

Visit the Parent SCSA website

Academic Extension

Bertram Primary School offers a school-based Academic Extension Program for selected gifted and academically able students. These Year 4 – 6 students have the opportunity to withdraw from their regular lessons once a week and engage in a program based on the WA Curriculum General Capability of Critical and Creative Thinking. 

The content is taught in an accelerated manner and aims to:

  • enrich students with new concepts through problem solving challenges; and 
  • extend curriculum knowledge in areas of interest for real-world problem-solving applications.